Tuesday, September 4, 2012

DIY Baby Mobile

I don't usually spend very much time on Pinterest, but I happened to find a post to another girls blog who has made all kinds of cool things out of paint chips. I had to steal this one, 'cause I loved it.

I headed over to Home Depot and got TONS of paint chips. I know they're free - but I felt slightly guilty walking out with my monstrous pile.

I cut the paint chips into strips so that none of the labels or names of the colors were showing, and then folded them across the white lines, making little cubes [they had to be 4 colored paint chips to work this way]. I put two separate strips of paint chips together, using little dabs of hot glue, to make them into full cubes.

After all the cubes were finished, I used two different sized embroidery rings from Joann [less than $3.oo each] and an old spool of yarn from Goodwill to attach it all together.

I laced the yarn through the corners of each cube and attached them to the rings with a little bit of hot glue. 

We couldn't decide if we wanted it suspended from the ceiling or not, so I ended up finding a mobile that was on clearance at Babies R Us [with a couple coupons it was less than $10!]. We took off all the cute dangly things and saved them as toys, and attached ours instead! I made a little cover for the ugly plastic arm, and done!

Now it spins and plays slightly creepy music, which we would have missed out on if it had just been hanging from the ceiling. So all we need is a little baby in there to enjoy it!

I know this is a little different from my usual post - so hope y'all still enjoy it!

Kara Spicuzza Welborn

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  1. Hi Kara--I'm Kelsey's sister and she showed me your blog the last time we hung out. I've loved looking through at all of your art--I'm a big admirer of the gorgeous painting hanging in Holland's bedroom. Congrats on your new baby, he is adorable. And I love this mobile idea and wish my baby was still little enough to enjoy one without ripping it up!