Friday, September 7, 2012


After this post, I swear I will be going back to talking about more of my paintings! This child prepping stuff has had me pretty busy, and I love it too much to not share. So.. here is the 90% completed nursery!

Husb and I talked about not finding out the gender of little babe for about... mmm.. 30 seconds. Props to those who can stand it! But there was just no way. In fact, Ryan secretly researched online how to tell for yourself on an ultrasound what the gender is. So, even if I HAD decided to not know, that little sneak would've secretly known the whole time! Haha. In the end, I think you would have had to be looking at the screen cross-eyed to not see that it was a boy! He's already a little show off.

Once we knew that it was a boy, we quickly discovered that the idea of keeping our baby name ideas a secret would be loved by some, and hated by many, many other somes. It has been slightly fun torturing certain people, but slightly not fun hearing him called by his nicknames - J.R., Bill Cosby, It, etc. I'm excited for him to be here so I can say it out loud whenever I want! [and to never hear him be called Bill Cosby ever, ever again - Sorry, Bill.]

So finally, here is the nursery! Sans a few things that will be hanging on the walls - some of which include his secret name. But I will show you what I can!

Our crib was a thrift store find, if you can believe it! Of course if I had been on the hunt to find one, it never would have happened. But I just walked in one day for a little browsing, and there she was.

My mom spent a lot of her last trip out to Colorado working on the chevron quilt you see hanging over the edge of the crib. We couldn't find something in the store that we really loved, so she whipped this bad boy up for us! We'll also have a bed skirt to add the next time she comes back to town!


The shelf to the left was a find from Habitat for Humanity's Restore for $7! I took that bad boy home, slapped on a new coat of paint, and it worked perfectly for the space that we had left in the corner.

I thought the framed quotes were hilarious. So they had to fit somewhere.

This right here is pretty much the ONLY reason I am hoping that the weather slightly cools off before baby is born. I love this outfit so much! But I think it might make me a terrible mother to stick him in his first outfit and make him drive home from the hospital sweating in a hot car. So, fingers crossed!

This chevron blanket was made by baby's Great Grandma [my Boo Boo] and given to me at our shower! I love it, but she claims that it's not right, and insists on making us another one. Fine by me!! Thanks, Boo!

This fantastic dresser was a steal from an amazing antique shop [Patina Antiques & Home] that my wonderful friend, Rachael Green, introduced me to. I wish I could decorate our whole house with this store!

This is actually one of my old dressers from growing up that I repainted [for probably the 47th time]. We found the handles - elephants, airplanes, and dump trucks - on clearance at Pottery Barn, and I love them.

These cuties came all the way from Africa! Ryan took a work related trip to Uganda a month or so ago and came back bearing many gifts. These included. They're pretty adorable. I'm thinking about sending him back for more.

And, the whole thing together! We'll get the rest of the little guy's art up before long, but who knows, he might be here before we get the chance! We are pretty excited. He's welcome to come any day now! :)

Kara Spicuzza Welborn


  1. Kara, I absolutely LOVE the nursery! It's awesome! You and Ryan should be so proud. Your mom made such a beautiful chevron quilt. Oh, and Boo showed me the additional blanket she's making for you (it might already be finished), and I'm sure you'll enjoy it, too. Looking forward to meeting the little guy, whenever he's ready! :)

  2. Kara, the nursery is adoreable! You guys did a great job in there. Looks like everything is ready to go...just waiting on the little guy :) We can't wait either. I'm so happy for you & Ryan. It will be so much fun, and I know you both will be great parents!! Love ya <3