Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Baby Bloggin'

Yet another long, long delay - whoops! 
I have come to find that being pregnant makes everything slightly more difficult - one thing in particular is standing for long periods of time. So, there hasn't been much painting going on here lately.

Husb and I have been hard at work on the baby's room. It has been quite a serious ordeal. Ripping up carpets, replacing windows, installing lighting... Yikes. It was a mess.

However, I think it looks pretty amazing now! We're not completely finished yet, but there's a little sneak peak at the bottom of this post :)

I knew I wanted to paint some new things for the baby, it just took me a while to decide exactly WHAT. Here is the first one we decided on, and I've got a second in the making!

And here is one corner of the room where the new painting is hanging. This used to be a pretty beaten up closet, so we took the doors down, refinished an old dresser, and made it into our changing table. I also hung my old "Where the Wild Things Are" painting inside.

This picture was obviously taken in the evening, so the coloring is slightly off. We've got grey, white, and baby blue going on as the main colors, and a bit of green and yellow here and there! I'll definitely have more posted as we finish up in the coming weeks.

Can't wait until this little guy is out here! 5 weeks and counting!

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