Sunday, September 16, 2012

Maybe It's Familiar.

Right off the bat you might think, hey, I've seen this one already. Buuut ya haven't. Not exactly, at least! This was actually the first New Orleans/jazz inspired painting I ever worked on. It was gifted to my in-laws a couple of Christmas' ago, and they so graciously let me steal it back recently to have it reframed - and I figured I'd take the opportunity to snap some photos and post on the blog about it.

 This painting was actually done when I was still living in Louisiana, so it has a lot of memories and sentimental value tied to it for me. Lots of late nights with the roomies, hangin' out, makin' stuff.

I'm thankful to have this one hanging nearby where I can still go and see it! I know you've seen similar paintings from me lately, but hope you still enjoy!

Kara Spicuzza Welborn

Jazz #1
20x26 [24x30 with frame]
framed and ready to hang
will re-create upon request
price varies upon size requested
contact user email address for purchase

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