Friday, January 13, 2012

Bali - It's just how you picture it.

Seven months ago [wow, I can't believe it has been that long], I left for Bali, Indonesia. A 16 hour flight to Tokyo, a 6 hour flight to Singapore, a 12 hour layover, an unfortunate 2 hour delay, and a 2.5 hour flight to Bali, was ALL worth what I was able to see and experience throughout my summer there. I worked as an intern with a church surf ministry/international hostel at the Bali Surf House. Yep, it was as great as it sounds. These people running the Surf House are constantly pouring their energy and love into their guests. It was an experience of a lifetime - no kidding.

With Bali being an island and all, there are bound to be some fishermen. Bound to be a lot of them. Every day at sunset, the beaches fill up with fishing boats that are pushed into the water by hand. This was one of my favorite photographs from the trip, taken at a beach called Padang Padang (where scenes from Eat, Pray, Love were actually shot!).

At Padang Padang, while the sun was still out, sometimes you'd catch the fishermen out in the shallow water with their lines. It's so beautiful that you could literally just hold your camera up and shoot without even looking through the lens. Every angle is a good one. Every sunset makes you want to cry. And almost every picture I took home looks like a preset wallpaper on a Windows computer. I knew that painting something from a place that is so insanely beautiful would be... tough. I chose to do an all blue and white acrylic piece, and with all my initial hesitation, I was surprised at how much I loved its turn out!

This painting not only holds memories of the most beautiful place I've ever seen, but also of the trip that Ryan proposed. After being in Bali for a little over a month, he flew out to travel and spend time with me. The day before we flew home, he gave me a ring!

Hope it makes ya wanna fly to Bali and see it for yourself!

Kara Spicuzza Welborn

16x20 [20x24 with frame]
framed and ready to hang
Acrylics by Winsor & Newton
Contact user e-mail address for purchase

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