Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Gustav and his Gal.

First off, this was not due to my own creativity! Although, I do wish she had been my idea. I painted her after one of my favorites by Gustav Klimt. I think the colors were initially what drew me to this painting. And perhaps that's why my version is an extra bright replica. I spent the whole evening with a friend while working on this piece, and have lots of memories of talking and laughing as she came together.

As she has hung upon my wall, waiting for this moment of being blogged about, she has gained a large amount of attention due to her size [well, not HER size, but the canvas on which she rests]. She is one of my larger pieces and demands attention because of it [well, she's also naked]. But for all of those reasons, the gal catches your eye.

Gotta say, I'll miss her!

Thank you, Gustav, for your brilliant work!

Kara Spicuzza Welborn

Gustav Klimt
24x36 [30x42 with frame]
framed and ready to hang
acrylics by BASIC
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  1. LOOVE This one! I saw some of his work in Austria and it's so beautiful! Keep up the good work.