Monday, January 9, 2012


In 2008, I took a trip that would change my life.. in more ways than one!
I flew down south to Lima, Peru for an internship working with an organization named Frontline Peru. We traveled throughout the country working with churches, families, and children - helping in whatever small ways that we could. Cusco was where
I truly fell in love with this country.

A friend of mine took a photo of a little boy in the streets.
I held the photo dear for years before attempting to paint him.

Not only does this painting bring back a flood of awesome memories from an amazing trip, but it reminds me of the summer that I met my (one day) husband! Not long after this photograph was taken, I met Ryan in line at the check-in counter in the Lima airport.
Thank God that our flights were delayed!
We sat on the floor and talked until it was time to part ways.
3 years later, we got married.

To me, this painting stands for one of the biggest learning experiences of my life thus far. It reminds me of amazing travels and time well spent with people who were so satisfied in having so much less.
It reminds me of meeting my husband.

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