Monday, January 23, 2012

New Orleans.

Lucky for me, I was born in this crazy city! I have a great big cajun family that loves to play, cook, and curse. I moved away as a kid but took trips back and forth a few times a year until I moved back for college. Since I was a lil' gal, New Orleans has been close to my heart.

The culture in Louisiana is unlike any other throughout the rest of the country - no exaggeration. And if you've never been there, it's something to see for yourself. The warm weather, the fried food, and mainly, the jazz. You don't have to pay for a show to get it. You just have to go outside and walk around. You're bound to run into somebody, somewhere, who's playing some kind of awesome music.

And you won't only see it in person - circling Jackson Square you'll see hundreds of different paintings of New Orleans that artists are selling, and many of them are based around jazz. That little walk to see all the art is one of my all time favorite things to do in the city.

I've done a New Orleans themed piece before, and before I even started, I knew I wanted it to be crazy colorful. I also knew I wanted some crooked buildings, just because I wanted some crooked buildings.

I decided on two musicians with some really big instruments, cause that's the whole point ..right?

I wanted their instruments to be much bolder than their bodies, so the musicians themselves stayed semi transparent.

Now, she's all framed and ready to hang somewhere musical! I plan to do more similar pieces, because people [my family, haha] seem to love them! And because I have a lot of fun with all the color and the variety there is with the different instruments.

I love this city, and if you haven't gotten there, get there!

Geaux Saints!
Kara Spicuzza Welborn

New Orleans
18x24 [22x29 with frame]
framed and ready to hang
will make you Saints fan
contact user email address for purchase
$230 SOLD


  1. Hey Kara! I absolutely love this piece! It really conveys the essence of the cool, funky, craziness of NOLA, and I can't wait to see the rest of the series. Hope you don't mind, I pinned it on my Pinterest 'New Orleans' board, and referred to it as 'Jazzy Music and Crooked Buildings'. Oh, and GEAUX SAINTS!!! ;) - Trisha

  2. I like this one as well and it is fascinating to watch the progression of the painting. I love the colors and the vibrancy of it. The interesting thing is that I also really liked it at the stage just before you began to add any color or the musicians. It was like seeing two different sides of the city.